Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Eleven years ago, a few families, one conductor, and a non-profit agency all trusted me to make a leap and start a little Conductive Education program. Here we are now, and Anne and her family have pulled up their Manitoba roots and made the leap out to B.C. to build on that trust. Susie Mallet in Germany, and Andrew Sutton in England fanned the flames of that idea; and I am very very very very happy to report that Moving Ahead Conductive Consulting is getting busier each month: and Purpose Conductive Education is proud and happy to offer more CE to families this Spring, and this coming summer.

It's nothing short of amazing. And I believe that more amazing things are coming. A resident conductor is incomparable to itinerant conductors. INCOMPARABLE, and that is a thing one can trust. Zsipp-Zsupp!


Anonymous said...

Encouraging to read of your optimism for CE in BC James. You all deserve the success.

James Forliti - Blue's Dad. said...

Ach! Of course you were instrumental in supporting all this too, Norman! Thanks, and I apologize for the oversight! Let me know when you're in BC for the event, triathletic or otherwise.

Susie Mallett said...

James, it is lovely to read your postings that are full of your enthusiasm for Condcutive Upbringing.

That and all your hard work are what has made it possible for Anne to come to work there in the first place and encouraged us all to do our best to assist you as we could.

It sounds like you make a brilliant team.

I wish you all the best


James Forliti - Blue's Dad. said...

Hi Susie! I must say, we're having fun with it. Ich bin gluglich!