Friday, August 20, 2010

Silence is golden, and duct tape is silver!

I'm so excited about the next step here, a conductor actually MOVING to the Lower Mainland (Vancouver area), that I feel somewhat gagged into silence. Over the years, I've learned there are plenty of people and organizations who like to have conductive education velcroed to their names; but once it becomes clear how much work and love is involved, well, fads fade.

I have also found that cerebral palsy (or insert your favorite motor disorder here!) does not fade. (That's my newfound acceptance and awareness and [big yawn] action!) It's like being tied to a railroad car but given the blessed permission to pull it with your arms and legs instead of just your teeth!

I have also learned that researching, talking, marketting, blogging, blah blah blah about conductive education is anti-climactic at best. The real magic happens in that tiny little world between the konductor, the kid, and the kparent. I get little bits of that magic every day as Blue and I continually discover different ways to achieve the same goals. Explaining it matters only to the esoteric few; which is good in some ways. After all, who wants the pressure of the attention of curious consumers of "news" peering into your fishbowl to see if a fish can really use a bicycle? No thanks!!

So, as the blessed moment draws nearer, our very own conductor coming here to stay and pay taxes with us; I find myself having less and less to say. She's going to build something and like my Dad always said: "You want to help? Get out of the way."