Friday, November 26, 2010


Just like the blue waves rolling in on the shores; there are gaps between waves. For me and my family, we have periods where there isn't much to "report." Blue is doing his thing, we are doing our things, there's nothing of import to pass along. I think maybe that is good news; you know, like the saying, "No news is good news."

No, I can't afford, nor am I going to the big, happy CE conference. There's nothing earth-shaking going on out here, but wait, there are many wonderful small, inroads being made by Anne Wittig, inroads of which I am so proud and happy. The quiet things are happening. The few families, people here and there around our community are shaking off the concrete of hopelessness and basking in Anne's warm smile, her humour, her brilliant curiosity. Yes, it is right and good to say that there is truly some wonderful conductive stuff going on out here now. Anne and I will soon begin laying out the offerings for spring break and for the summer program. Again, in these ventures, I will be busy with other things; but deep deep down I'm just breathing easier and happy to see Anne here and all the other folks whose names - new to me - whom I haven't even met. I couldn't have dreamed it any better than this. She's not busting her ass until the soon-to-return-home airplane trip. She's relaxed, living here, making a splendid work of art; and best of all Chris and I will go play hockey tomorrow night as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Gotta love Canada sometimes. I had gotten so tired of the 'excitement' that typically surrounded conductive education.

So, yeah; I think that's a blog entry.