Friday, April 30, 2010

food: not just for eating anymore. . .

golly, but that corner sitting stuff has been useful, but try holding your kid in the bloody corner for 10 minutes at a time. Your, well, MY wrists are starting to hurt. (It's likely just the beginnings of a little arthritis in my late 40's)
So, what is to be done? Well, go to the supermarket and drop 50 bucks on two bags of rice; round or about 18 kilograms each. Then go to your local 2nd-hand clothing store and buy 3 pair of jeans without holes in the legs. Then go to your kid's grandad who has an upholstery sewing machine. (Come to think of it, you could probably go to any local upholsterer. Be sure to bring your adorable kid in her/his wheelchair to elicit the maximum amount of co-operation. Sympathy is okay too, I suppose. If neither appears, PAY the upholsterer to sew the jeans closed.) Anyway, ya gotta cut the legs off the pants first. Bring the rice with you. After one end is sewed closed, add the rice; then ask the nice upholstery expert to fold and sew the other end closed. You help them hold it as it goes through the sewing machine. Now, when you sit your beautiful child in the corner to give their hamstrings a more co-operative relationship with the rest of the legs, you can read a book for them or dance a jig while they sit comfy and stable in the corner; hopefully laughing at you.

Tooth Brushing. . . .

Yeah, right whatever, so your kid is NOT disabled. So take them to soccer/football practice while I explain a few things. Okay, so brushing teeth: what a headache! Holding the kid who stands intermittently at the sink. That works: intermittently, until he does the half crumple and bangs his knees on that splendid vanity with the splendid marble. The stupid driveway is equally splendid for the task at hand.

Here's what we've arrived at. . . (see picture) We help Blue to kneel at the lip of the shower, and then he bears his weight on his knees and his chest; allowing us to relax and have a good brushing. This has added a great deal of pleasure and time to a task that was becoming something that it seemed we ought to stop for its precarious possibilities. Roxy thinks I'm a little nuts, but she's in there like a dirty shirt helping to brush.