Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Eleven years ago, a few families, one conductor, and a non-profit agency all trusted me to make a leap and start a little Conductive Education program. Here we are now, and Anne and her family have pulled up their Manitoba roots and made the leap out to B.C. to build on that trust. Susie Mallet in Germany, and Andrew Sutton in England fanned the flames of that idea; and I am very very very very happy to report that Moving Ahead Conductive Consulting is getting busier each month: and Purpose Conductive Education is proud and happy to offer more CE to families this Spring, and this coming summer.

It's nothing short of amazing. And I believe that more amazing things are coming. A resident conductor is incomparable to itinerant conductors. INCOMPARABLE, and that is a thing one can trust. Zsipp-Zsupp!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There's a bump on a blog, in a hole, at the bottom of the sea.

Put a trademark on the sun,
Copyright sit, walk, and run;
Give me a break, for shame for sham
and twist a good thing into a scam.
Price it past nonsense and schedule it wrong.
Bureaucracy listens to its own song!
But a piece of wood, a little tape,
a sniffling parent sitting agape
at five minutes' wonder, so long awaited.
Something's seriously under-rated!
And flim and flam fill out their papers
while Pumpkin teaches unteachable capers
to overly-strapped-in specialty types
still rubbed ignorantly with baby-wipes.
O Canada, O modern man,
is this what we think when we ask if we can
drain more dollars from that CP stuff?
I say forget it; we have quite enough.
That boy, that child, that girl with the glasses
deserves more than the funding of special needs classes;
though less when you look at it honest and true,
I dare say not yet, what we mean to do.