Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Why is it that on the day when yer wife says, "I wanna go out for sushi tonight," that all you have in the fridge for lunch is rice and veggies?  What to do?

Monday, January 14, 2013

BC Conductive Education Association?

     I figure it's time to just make one of these: an organization for anyone in BC who is interested in conductive education - folks with or without motor disorders, parents, conductors, professionals, and so forth.   Having meetings and sitting around talking is hard to do; as few of us (us parents and those dealing with motor disorders) have time to do this;  but we can start with a website.  Please let me know if you're interested in helping to set up the BCCEA.  I am talking with a web-designer guy to get things started.

I started a google-thing for this, but it's not easy to gain access to; not helpful at all.  I wish to set up an easy-to-use web page for people all over BC to use; so us CE aficionados have a way to make ourselves known to each other, and a way to put our heads together.  Any and all projects or ideas people have to make CE more accessible, more woven into the schools and routines we all take part in; that is the aim.  Ideally, things will happen, with the help of an association, to make CE more affordable, more accessible, and just plain bigger in B.C.

Reply here or email me at     Talk soon!  - J.