Monday, January 14, 2013

BC Conductive Education Association?

     I figure it's time to just make one of these: an organization for anyone in BC who is interested in conductive education - folks with or without motor disorders, parents, conductors, professionals, and so forth.   Having meetings and sitting around talking is hard to do; as few of us (us parents and those dealing with motor disorders) have time to do this;  but we can start with a website.  Please let me know if you're interested in helping to set up the BCCEA.  I am talking with a web-designer guy to get things started.

I started a google-thing for this, but it's not easy to gain access to; not helpful at all.  I wish to set up an easy-to-use web page for people all over BC to use; so us CE aficionados have a way to make ourselves known to each other, and a way to put our heads together.  Any and all projects or ideas people have to make CE more accessible, more woven into the schools and routines we all take part in; that is the aim.  Ideally, things will happen, with the help of an association, to make CE more affordable, more accessible, and just plain bigger in B.C.

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Gallant Harvey said...

Hi James,

Yes to a BC Conductive Education Association. Yes to a website so that more people can know about CE. Yes to bringing more kudos to CE in BC so that more funding can be obtained for families to access CE; and for more conductors to come. Build it [BCCEA] and they will come (or so we can hope).

Our son accessed CE since he was one years old - with a private conductor, and then since he was two-and-a-half yrs old at early intervention and into early school years through the Conductive Education Centre of Western Australia, a program run at Carson Street Elementary in the Victoria Park suburb of Perth, WA.

We recently moved to the North Shore of Vancouver, where I [mum] grew up before living in Australia for many years. Haven't started with a conductor here yet but would like to know what's happening in the Lower Mainland for our boy's continuing CE. There was *talk* of a school starting in New Westminster - The Purpose Society [?]- what happened with that? I also wonder if March of Dimes has started a CE program in Vancouver.

I'll be interested to have a chat about building CE in BC. This is what we had to do in WA [build the CE program - and get funding, and find conductors, and engage families to tell their stories to build CE awareness etc].
Important step , website:
Also useful step: media relations.

Plan on going to 8th biannual CE conference in Munich? Can entice some conductors over to beautiful BC. [I was at HK conference and it was a great global networking opp].

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