Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There's a bump on a blog, in a hole, at the bottom of the sea.

Put a trademark on the sun,
Copyright sit, walk, and run;
Give me a break, for shame for sham
and twist a good thing into a scam.
Price it past nonsense and schedule it wrong.
Bureaucracy listens to its own song!
But a piece of wood, a little tape,
a sniffling parent sitting agape
at five minutes' wonder, so long awaited.
Something's seriously under-rated!
And flim and flam fill out their papers
while Pumpkin teaches unteachable capers
to overly-strapped-in specialty types
still rubbed ignorantly with baby-wipes.
O Canada, O modern man,
is this what we think when we ask if we can
drain more dollars from that CP stuff?
I say forget it; we have quite enough.
That boy, that child, that girl with the glasses
deserves more than the funding of special needs classes;
though less when you look at it honest and true,
I dare say not yet, what we mean to do.

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