Friday, June 3, 2011

Canada's first conductive school - seeking more students now,

Well, here we go now. The Purpose Society and Moving Ahead Conductive Consulting have teamed up to offer something just a weensy bit bigger than a "summer camp." In September 2011, BC's first (and likely Canada's first) conductive school program. We aim to begin with no more than 12 students on the elementary level. Some of the spots are already taken. Funding will be done via the usual education dollars route that all schools in B.C. use; although depending on the big picture there may be a moderate tuition fee.
The Purpose Society has been operating the Purpose Secondary School for almost thirty years. Purpose has both: experience and expertise, in establishing and operating effective school programs in B.C. They just never had a conductor available, full-time.
We are seeking families and students who want conductive education to be a part of their school experience. If you know anyone who may be looking for that custom-made educational experience for their loved one affected by a motor-disorder or any such severe disablility that makes education a challenge, contact me for more information, or call the Purpose Society and ask for Phill. 604-526-2522 Zsipp - Zsupp !!

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Susie Mallett said...

Well done that team in BC!

Moving ahead seems exactly what you are doing and in leaps and bounds.

Congratulations to James, Anne and their team.