Monday, July 16, 2012


So, that bastion of journalistic integrity, 60 Minutes, did a piece on the guy who wrote the biography of Steve Jobs.  Along the way, they touched on some of the quirkier sides of the Apple inventor; his less attractive habits, some of which had to do with not wanting to embrace all the simple traffic laws.  Turns out he was in the habit of misusing handicapped parking spaces.

 And here I am, all grateful and such over his invention the iPad; but turns out if I met the guy in a parking lot it might an iPunch I'd be contemplating.  I wonder what sort of explanation he'd offer.

"i'M the cat's ass. iCan do what iWant."

  Okay, Steve, we miss ya; but, . . .really? 

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Andrew DSutton said...

Feet of clay. I love it!

By the way, I know how you love the language. Had he been a Brit he might have said: 'I'm the dog's bollocks...'